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Introduction of Nessa

Pure in Scottish, Russians & Greek.
Also means Miracle in Hebrew.

Create an easy way to enjoy sugar-free goodness without hassle.

Over the recent years, there is an increase of public awareness over the issue of sugar over consumption. The addictive property of table sugar has led to a dangerously compulsive behaviour of sugar obsession. It has caused an increased prevalence of multiple health issues such as diabetes mellitus, obesity, liver diseases, cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, increased risk of cancer, inflammation, and numerous other metabolic disorders.

In order to tackle the epidemic of health issues brought about by the obsession towards sugar, we have developed a unique idea of helping the public in initiating the process of transitioning to a diet of lower and healthier level of sugar intake.

Behold our brand, Nessa. With the meaning of pure and miracle in Greek and Hebrew respectively, we hope to bring the same to the general populace by introducing our main products known as Nessa Allulose Powder and Allulose Syrup.

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